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Aviation Aircraft Airplane, Motoring Motor Sports Pewter Key Ring Chain, Gold Plated Money Clip, Cufflinks, Tie Bar Tack

Aviation, Aircraft, Airplane, Motoring, Motor Sports, Pewter Key Ring Chain, Gold Plated Money Clip, Cufflinks, Tie Bar Tack from SKYHighCollection.Com

Aviation Aircraft, Airplane, Motoring, Sport Racing, Golf, Rugby Pewter Keyring, Keychain, Goldplated Money Clips, Cufflinks, Tiebar, Tietack Gift Selection - Offers a selection of aviation, motoring, sports pewter key rings and chains finished in antique pewter or goldplate and money clips, cufflinks, tie bars and tacks finished in gold plated finishing. Photo frames are crafted in antique finish. All items are enhanced with a highly detailed aircraft, car or sport miniature of new, vintage or classic design. Other themes include go-kart, golf and rugby. Aircraft include Airbus 320, Boeing 737, Tornado, Bae Harrier AV8 B, Avro Vulcan, Cessna 172, Spitfire & Hurricane & aviation or car pilot helmet.

keyrings finished in either 22 carat gold plated or antique finish. Supplied in a smart blister package. Keychains include Aibus 320, Boeing 737, Cessna 150/172, Concorde, Spitfire, Hurricane, Harrier, Tornado, Avro Vulcan aircraft, Pilot Helmet, Crash Helmet, Formula 1 and Go-Kart.

money clips finish in finest British 22 carat gold plated money clips. Ideal to keep money notes tidy in pocket or bag. Supplied in an attractive jewellery box. Models include Concorde, Spitfire, Tornado, Steering, Formula 1 and Golf bag.


tie bars and cufflink sets elegantly use 'American' style toggle backs and 'aligator' tiebar for ease of use and security. Available in 22 carat gold plate and prestented in a smart jewellery box. Models include Cessna 150/172, Concorde, Spitfire, Rugby, Formula 1 and Go-Kart.

frames hand finished in antique pewter. Ideal to display your favourite photo. Supplied gift boxed. Models include Concord, Cessna 150/172 and Go-Kart.

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